Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

-Nelson Mandela

Why choose Immaculant Education, NFP?

         A part of the public, non‐public school, charter, or district‐wide responsibilities and vision is to educate in a formal/ informal, entertaining, and/or rigorous method.  We are passionate about providing quality, relevant, and current information.  Immaculant Education, NFP serves students, adults, and businesses to become effective within a global society.


You want to do it, but feel like you don't have the time?

              Relax, we work with clients to create, build, or rebrand programs that fit reality.  With a variety of one-on-one sessions, groups, classes, writing, mentoring, and more, clients will be able to reach goals.  

Immaculant Feedback

"Thank you for EVERYTHING. You saw my potential and never gave up on me. I appreciate the love and passion you have for your job. I am now a strong young woman and thank God for placing me in your class." -C. Grady

"I will always remember the time and patience you spent with me. I will never forget those fun and learning moments" J. Mention

"Immaculant Educational Consulting provides a great service. We had a turn around sooner than expected with IEC's assistance. Now, we are on track to becoming a leader in our industry and community. If anyone wants their business to be as sucessful, as they know it can be, we reccommend Immaculant Educational Consulting to put that goal on the fast track" -Kidtropolis Child Care and Developmental Center

The passion for my requested service was heartfelt. Each of my consultations helped improve my equity for learning and business. -R. Brown

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