Our Team

Fiona Cross, Director:

Earned a B.A. in Early Childhood Education/ Sociology from Post University- Connecticut, Family Development Certificate UCONN-Connecticut, M. Ed in Educational Leadership- Concordia University-Portland, Ordained Minister-ULC Ministries-Minnesota and is currently a Doctoral Candidate in Transformational/ Educational Leadership- Concordia University-Chicago.  With over twenty-five years of experience in the educational field, social work/ family development she supports individuals, businesses, and/ or school districts across the elementary, middle, and high schools; that engage in the effectiveness that results in a continuous improvement for teaching and learning.

Deshun Burns, Research and Development:

With years of experience focusing on sustainability, he gives clients visions of rethinking business for the future and gains favor from a broad group of stakeholders.  As the  Director of Research and development (R&D) the duties of creativity give companies an undertake to innovate and introduce new products and services. As the first stage in the development process, his goal making sure our clients take new products and services to market and add to the company's bottom line

Candice Lindsay, Occupational Therapist

As a certified Occupational Therapist, she works with clients in a variety of practice settings such as homes, hospitals, schools, and nursing facilities that are going through physical, mental, developmental, and emotional difficulties.  She provides treatment plans for such patients to help them recover from their difficulties using research-based rehabilitation and techniques.  Candice believes patients and clients can improve, regain and develop the skills needed for day-to-day life, activities, and work with support, direction, encouragement, and consistency.  Candice holds a BS in Biology from Barber-Scotia College (HBCU) and an AS in Occupational Therapy from Goodwin College.

Ebony Belton,  Social Worker:

A licensed masters-level social worker (LMSW) from New Haven, Ct and currently working for the CT Department of Children and Families as a Social Worker. I graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with a Master's degree in Social Work (focus on social service management). Throughout my educational and professional career, my focus had been on mentoring, advocating, engaging, and working to ensure that the social-emotional educational, and basic daily needs of children and families are met. My interest includes an appreciation for the performing arts, working in my community, and devoting time to my new small business endeavor.

Kara Sheedy, English Teacher

An English teacher with Bristol, Connecticut’s alternative education program.  For now eight years, she works with students who are unable to thrive in a regularly structured public high school because of truancy, lack of credits, behavioral and/or social-emotional issues. Prior to taking the position at Bristol Preparatory Academy, she taught for eight years at Northeast Middle School, where she also served as her academic team’s leader and assumed the role of English coordinator. Kara holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master’s of Science in Education. She has also coached Varsity girls’ basketball in her hometown of Naugatuck, CT, and helps run a 7 on 7 football team as well. Her passions in life are teaching and her beautiful sixteen-year-old daughter, Trista.

Rhonda Brown, Psychiatrist

Graduated in 2002, Rhonda Brown works in the community of performing various social, educational, recreational activities, and holistic workshops. She is an advocate for self-expression and restorative justice through the Arts and Entertainment. Over twenty years, she has demonstrated a passion for working with children and families in several local and governmental agencies.  Rhonda develops methods to educate at-risk youth through emotional, mental, behavioral disorders, use literature, research, and translate complex concepts.