What we offer

Educational needs:

Tutoring: You shouldn't have to do school alone. Keep calm & let our experienced tutors help. We service assistance in English, Spanish, drumming, and writing papers (including online).

Educational Business Coaching and Consulting-  We offer a measurable benefit for academic leaders, teachers, and other school personnel. This includes methods on how to engage your staff with:

A growth mindset

Classroom management

Differentiated instruction

Delegation skills

Finding meaning in our work

The role and responsibility of a school board

Engage your students with stimulating presentations

Help the leadership team(s) with the gift of training

Assist with ways to motivate the parent body with practical, empowering lectures, and resources!

And much more!


Individual Coaching and Consulting- Our individual sessions are customized opportunities to explore the alignment between their strengths, passions, and career goals. We want you to go away with clarity on your career direction, tools, and resources for your career. As you get guidance on how to kick start your path to career fulfillment, we will explore all options that are aligned with your career, starting a new job search, or developing a social justice-minded side project.

The first consultation is free of charge.   This is where we work together to determine your starting point, your goals, and your current everyday schedule and constraints. Based on this I will create a program that works for you and/ or your business and will focus on the four overall skills of:

▸ Issue

▸ Goals

▸ Objective

▸ Results


Initial consultation

▸ 30 minutes - FREE